Enter an exciting new world of natural remedies and understand the benefits you can gain from it. From the uses of essential oils, to our uniquely created balms and blends, let Kidz Paradize unveil an alternative experience.

Our products were created from a place of love, many years ago. We wanted to help people find another solution to their ailments, and found from personal experience that essential oils held so much potential. Our founder then began to experiment with different essential oils in her kitchen before coming up with the perfect solutions.

The journey of Kidz Paradize’s products begins in Australia, where the essential oils and ingredients we use are organically grown and harvested. They are then carefully measured, blended and prepared in our production facility, according to the formula that has been meticulously created, and packaged in our bottles before they are distributed to our stockists and agents islandwide, or sold to you via our website.

Our products are made in fresh batches, and can be stored for between 6 months to 2 years, depending on the product and if it has been opened. We take pride in committing ourselves to high quality natural products that work for the ailments it has been designed for.

We believe in ensuring that our products are safe for use, which is why we get them officially tested. Our products have been tested by the Analytical Laboratories (Singapore), and have been approved as chemical-free, and well within the limits stipulated by the Asean Guidelines on Limits of Contaminants for Cosmetics.

At Kidz Paradize, we only believe in creating the best natural and organic products as an alternative therapy, which is why you can trust us to deliver products that we truly believe in. Because, to us, you deserve nothing short of the best.

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