All our products are made with natural and organic ingredients sourced from Australia. Where possible, our non-skin related products, such as our candles, are made with sustainable ingredients. Our products have also been tested to determine their chemical-free status. 

Yes, the majority of our products are safe to be applied on children, with the exception of a few as per stated on the product information page, such as our Rub Away Pain blend. However, please ensure that you always conduct a patch test before using, and that your child is under an adult’s supervision when using any Kidz Paradize’s products. 

Our balms are water-based and do not stain your clothes. They are better suited for younger children as it has a slightly lower potency level in comparison to our blends. Our blends, which are oil based, are designed to be more potent and have a faster reaction time upon application. 

Please store our products in a safe place, away from children and pets, and in a cool and dry place. 

Single essential oils consist of only one essential oil, meaning, it is pure Lavender Essential Oil or Lemongrass Essential Oil. Our essential oil blends are a mixture of oils, each with their own unique properties and designed to achieve specific results, such as chest congestion relief, or to boost the immunity. 

Each of our products, especially the balms and blends, have their recommended application methods, especially for infants. Please refer to specific products to learn more about the best application practices to receive optimal results from our products.

Our products are 100% alcohol-free, making it safe to use for all. 

You can purchase it online, via our website, or through our authorised agents. For urgent purchases, please note that you can head down to some of our agent’s shops. 

We do run the occasional discounts and promotions, so do keep a lookout for those on our social media and website. In addition, we also extend a discount of 10% on 3 items (non-promo items) or more, or spend $250 to enjoy 15% off and free delivery.

While our products are generally safe for use, please always do a patch test before applying it to your skin. Also, please ensure that the products you are using are safe for children if you are applying it for your children. If you are using essential oils on your skin, it is best to dilute it with a carrier oil of your choice. Keep them out of children’s reach, and store them in a safe location.

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