Adult Essentials Set: Making Adulthood Easier For You!

Adulting is hard. We know, because we can totally relate. It can be exhausting to shoulder responsibilities, from work to home – even more so if you are a parent. Adults tend to be so busy daily that their health sometimes gets neglected. However, that can be detrimental, which is why we always tell our customers that they need to take time out for themselves. 

At Kidz Paradize, we have made that easier for you with our Adult Essentials Set! Complete with our popular Diffuser-On-The-Go, Relaxation and Bedtime Essential Oil, Rub Away Pain & Nasal Soothe Inhaler, our bundle has been prepared specifically for adults based on their everyday needs. So what can each of these items do for you?


True to its name, our Diffuser-On-The-Go is a portable, waterless and heatless diffuser that you can use everywhere. Unlike the other diffusers, which need to be filled with water and carefully placed at one strategic location in the room, our Diffuser-On-The-Go features a cartridge that you can pop a bottle of essential oil and set it to your preferences. 

You won’t have to worry about finding the ‘right’ time to get your relaxation in because now, you can do it just about anytime and anywhere! Whether it is when you are driving in the car or during your break time at work, your Diffuser-On-The-Go can be your new best friend!

Relaxation and Bedtime Essential Oil

Perfect for use with your Diffuser-On-The-Go, our relaxation and bedtime essential oil will keep you calm during those stressful times at work and can also be used at bedtime when you need to unwind after a long day! Formulated with lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, patchouli and more, the Relaxation and Bedtime essential oil offers you the inner zen you will need to get through the day (and night)! It also provides the added benefits of reducing teeth grinding, which can be pretty common for stressed adults, and snoring problems. 

With this unique essential oil blend, you can also use it neat by rubbing a dab on your inner wrist or even applying it topically with a carrier cream. In addition, this essential oil can also be diffused in your bedroom, especially if you have a little one you would like to lull to sleep! Win-win for all! 

Rub Away Pain

By the time you are an adult, you may be facing some type of body ache or pain – which is why our Adult Essential Set features our favourite blend, Rub Away Pain! Whether you need to use it post those workout sessions or reduce muscle or joint pain, this effective temporary relief is sure to do its job. But a word of advice, do not neglect persistent pain in your body. While the Rub Away Pain offers you temporary relief, if you are experiencing constant pain, please also make an appointment with your doctor for a proper consultation. 

Nasal Soothe

Offering you the quick relief you will need for stuffy nose, sinus issues or respiratory congestions, Nasal Soothe is a must-have in your bags wherever you are. With its formulation of essential oils that have been chosen for relieving these issues, the Nasal Soothe also acts as a mood booster, giving you that perk me up you may need to get through the day! 

So let our Adult Essentials Set be your must-have as you navigate adulthood!


Please note that Kidz Paradize does not advise you to use our products as a replacement for medications prescribed by your doctor for conditions that you are receiving treatments for. While many of our products are safe for you to use alongside your treatments, we recommend for you to talk to your doctor before use.


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