By now, many of us are probably already very familiar with using disinfectants to keep our space, especially shared spaces, free of any germs or bacteria. Commonly found on the shelves of the supermarkets, there are a wide variety of brands for customers to choose from. So why exactly did Kidz Paradize consider launching its own disinfectants?

Well, I am no stranger to disinfectants myself, having used several different brands. However, what I found to be a problem – and this was also the issue and feedback I got from some of my customers – is that some of these disinfectants may cause skin irritation, especially with prolonged use and for those with sensitive skin, and are quite overpowering in smell due to the strong chemicals used. 

This got me thinking – are we able to create a disinfectant that is just as effective, while ensuring that it is skin-friendly and with a chemical-free scent? I am so happy to say that my team and I made that happen with Kidz Paradize’s Fresh and Citrus disinfectants!

How Do I Use The Fresh or Citrus Disinfectants?

The disinfectants that we have formulated are versatile in their use. While some of our customers may have chosen to attach it to an atomiser, disinfectant chambers or a fogging machine that allows for quick and easy disinfecting, the disinfectants can also be used without the use of any devices!

For example, instead of using floor cleaners to mop your floors, you can simply add a bit of either the Fresh or Citrus disinfectant into a pail of water, mix it, and use it to mop away! Trust us when we say that a little goes a long way. You can also make a spray solution of your own, by mixing the disinfectant with water and keeping them in a spray bottle. Simply shake it before use each time, and you can use it to disinfect your hands, doorknobs, beds, sofas and more. 

Why Choose Kidz Paradize’s Disinfectants?

All our long-lasting protection disinfectants are free from alcohol and fragrance and are formulated to be gentle on your skin. Our products are all SGS-tested and offer the much-needed protection by eliminating 99.99% of pathogens that can cause diseases. Our disinfectants are also water-based and essential oil-infused, making them really gentle on your skin, thus significantly reducing the problem of skin dryness or irritations. It is also formulated to be safe for children and even pets, so you won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals causing problems for your little ones and furry friends!


Please note that Kidz Paradize does not advise you to use our products as a replacement for medications prescribed by your doctor for conditions that you are receiving treatments for. While many of our products are safe for you to use alongside your treatments, we recommend for you to talk to your doctor before use.



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