Hi! I’m Vapour!

During this pandemic period, catching a cold or coughing badly in public may send those around you running. So, let us introduce you to a popular member of the Kidz Paradize’s family – Vapour!

Vapour can be considered to be a ‘senior’, as it was one of the first formulas created. What started out as a balm, has now been further developed into a blend, and also an essential oil so that it can be utilised in different ways.

So when should Kidz Paradize’s Vapour Rub, Blend and Essential Oil be used?

Designed to ease nasal and chest congestion, our Vapour Rub and Blend can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Coughs
  • Colds
  • Fever
  • Respiratory issues
  • Immunity booster

Safe for both the young and old (though we would recommend the rub for newborns and younger children), you can apply it to the chest, along the spine, on the throat, around the nose and the outer edge, near the inner edges of your eyebrows and on the feet.

The Vapour Essential Oil is ideal for you to diffuse in your room, or to be added to your bath, as it provides a relaxing aroma, while easing your nasal and chest, and promoting a restful sleep. It can also be massaged onto the skin, though we would recommend those with skin sensitivities to dilute it in a carrier oil.

We have updated the formula of our Vapour Rub with an improved water-based formula, using vegetable glycerin, to ensure quicker absorption leaving you with a cooling effect, without staining your clothes. In addition, it has a moisturising effect, protects your skin from irritants and can aid in wound healing!

What goes into our Vapour products?

Understanding the different elements and properties of plants and the oils it produces, we’ve prepared a formula that features top-grade ingredients and essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lemon, Cypress, and Lavender Essential Oil.

We recommend that you ensure that you have no allergies to the ingredients in our products before applying it to your skin by checking the label.

Our Vapour Blends, which are packaged in an easy roll-on bottle, are formulated to be oil-based, and are more concentrated in comparison to the rubs. We best recommend it for adults and children above the age of seven, and would advise you to use the rubs for your newborns and younger children.


Please note that Kidz Paradize does not advise you to use our products as a replacement for medications prescribed by your doctor for conditions that you are receiving treatments for. While many of our products are safe for you to use alongside your treatments, we recommend for you to talk to your doctor before use.


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