Are humidifiers really necessary in Singapore? Isn’t it already humid enough? Oh yes, indeed it is extremely humid in Singapore, BUT, the likelihood is that due to this humidity, most of us are spending our time in air-conditioned spaces, such as our bedrooms, offices and cars. The excessive use of air conditioning is quite drying for our skin and can even irritate our nasal passages. In such spaces, we best recommend the use of a humidifier, which is designed to add moisture into the air!

What Can A Humidifier Do For Me?

A humidifier is versatile in its purposes, but it is mainly designed for adding moisture to the air that we breathe. This is a much-needed device, especially in air-conditioned spaces, or if you are in a winter country (which we know Singapore is not, but hey, some of our Kidz Paradize followers are in cold countries too, or if you are headed for a winter vacation, then our USB Colourful Humidifier will come in handy!). 

So back to it – what can a humidifier do for YOU? 

A humidifier can act as a moisturising agent in your space, giving you relief from skin dryness, irritation in the nasal passages, dry cough and throat, bloody noses and cracked lips, amongst others. 

Did you also know that humidifiers can be useful in preventing flu, decreasing snoring or even aiding in making a dry cough more productive? It can also prevent static buildup caused by dry air, improve any moisture-loving plant growth, and even help make your wooden furniture and floor last longer! 

Which Humidifier Should I Choose? 

There are many types of humidifiers out there in the market, from large-sized ones to mini-portable ones, just like our USB Colourful Humidifier. Depending on your requirements and country of residence, some may choose to opt for central humidifiers for their homes or offices, especially if you experience harsh winters. However, in Singapore or other tropical climate countries, we would recommend going with a portable humidifier, which will allow you to humidify the dry air in the space you are in easily. 

Kidz Paradize’s USB Colourful Humidifier is a portable device that you can easily bring with you to work, keep at home, or even use in the car. Releasing a cool mist into the air around you, this versatile mini humidifier is lightweight and ultra-quiet, so you won’t have to worry about any distracting sound while you sleep or work. It also features two spray modes and can last up to 6 hours, automatically shutting down when the water level is low. If you want to use this humidifier to fragrance your room, you can add 1 – 2 drops of water-soluble essential oil or a few sprays of your favourite fragrance or perfume to it – DO NOT add pure essential oils as it can damage your humidifier! 


Please note that Kidz Paradize does not advise you to use our products as a replacement for medications prescribed by your doctor for conditions that you are receiving treatments for. While many of our products are safe for you to use alongside your treatments, we recommend for you to talk to your doctor before use.



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