Welcome Your Little One With Kidz Paradize’s Newborn Set!

The joy of having your little bundle of joy is indescribable, especially that moment when you get to hold him or her in your arms for the first time! And as parents, we will want to do everything we can to ensure our precious babies are well taken care of. Often, new parents struggle with dealing with a colic baby, skin and diaper rashes, or even a baby who may have caught a cold or flu from someone else. That can be really stressful, which is why Kidz Paradize has curated a unique newborn set that can help alleviate these conditions and more!

How Can The Newborn Set Help My Baby?

Consisting of our tried and tested formula that simply works, and is loved by many mummies, the set includes four of our classic rubs (Tummy Ease, Vapour Rub, Relaxation and Bedtime and Love My Skin) and one roll-on (Immunity Guard). Each of these products has been formulated to aid in different issues, and you can be confident that they are suitable and gentle for your baby’s skin. 

Tummy Ease Rub

Newborns are prone to colic, which is extremely common for these little ones. Colic can be quite painful for the little ones, which ends up in continuous crying and stressed parents. Kidz Paradize’s Tummy Ease rub can offer much-needed relief for your little ones, and all you have to do is simply apply this water-based rub in a clockwise direction massage on your baby’s abdomen. Tummy Ease has been formulated with ginger, fennel, peppermint, tangerine and more, ensuring that your baby is gaining the benefits from these natural remedies in the best way possible.

Vapour Rub

Sometimes, especially in these current conditions where different viruses are rampant, your little one ends up catching a cold or a cough, and even fever. Our Vapour Rub balm can help alleviate your baby’s symptoms by giving your baby some comfort. The eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil, amongst others, will work its magic at easing discomfort and congestion. It is also beneficial in boosting your little one’s immune system, which is much needed in these times.

Relaxation and Bedtime

Ah, watching your little one sleep for longer periods has got to be one of the most beautiful things for a parent. We all know babies can be quite fussy, especially at bedtime. So let our Relaxation and Bedtime rub work its magic on your little one, as the lavender, patchouli, ylang-ylang, and more, calm your little one for that precious sleep!

Love My Skin

Newborns are quite prone to skin rashes, as their baby skin is super sensitive. Naturally, as parents, we tend to get worried, but don’t worry, we’ve got a natural solution for you in our Love My Skin rub. Made with a water-based formula that is cooling and comforting to the skin, this non-comedogenic balm is free of any artificial ingredients, toxins, or fragrances. It is also designed to calm, heal and prevent various skin conditions for your little ones, including milk rashes, mild eczema and more. However, as always, if your child’s condition does not improve, please consult a doctor immediately.

Immunity Guard

The only roll-on in the set, our Immunity Guard is formulated to help boost your little one’s immunity. With a careful combination of natural ingredients such as cinnamon bark, cloves, frankincense and more, the Immunity Guard roll-on serves its purpose of keeping your child protected from frequently falling ill. All you have to do is apply a little along their spines and at the bottom of their feet. 

Our Newborn Set has been prepared to include everything you will need to keep a baby comfortable, making it a perfect gift for anyone who has just delivered, or even as a must-have in your home as you welcome your little one! And the best part is, mummies and daddies, and your other children can also use this product as all Kidz Paradize’s products are formulated for everyone!


Please note that Kidz Paradize does not advise you to use our products as a replacement for medications prescribed by your doctor for conditions that you are receiving treatments for. While many of our products are safe for you to use alongside your treatments, we recommend for you to talk to your doctor before use.


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