If you’re looking for an extensive set that will help to guard you from head to toe, look no further! The 13 in 1 set has all that you need to deal with minor pains to aiding your natural defense system! These13 rubs and blends are here to help in different aspects of your mental and physical well being. From the Vapour Rub to the Rub Away Pain Blend, this set includes products that are able to ease everyday ailments naturally. It also features products that will help you relax and stay calm when needed. You can also afford the luxury of choosing between the rubs or blends, customising your experience for the most optimal effects. A rich collection of different products, these 13 products will fast be a favourite set that you will want, and need!

Products Included
  • Pain Be Gone Rub (50ml)
  • Vapour Rub (50ml)
  • Love My Skin Rub 50ml)
  • Relaxation & Bedtime Rub (50ml)
  • Immunity Guard Rub (50ml)
  • Tummy Ease Rub (50ml)
  • Vapour Blend (10ml)
  • Tummy Ease Blend (10ml)
  • Relaxation & Bedtime Blend (10ml)
  • Immunity Guard Blend (10ml)
  • Brainy Alert Blend (10ml)
  • Therapy Blend (10ml)
  • Rub Away Pain Blend (10ml)
Primary Benefits
  • For bruises
  • To ease Headaches
  • To ease Swelling
  • To help with cold, cough and respiratory issues
  • To reduce fever
  • To strengthen the immune system
  • To relax
  • To sleep
  • To ease indigestion
  • To ease stomach discomfort
  • To stay alert
  • To have concentration
  • To stay focused

The 13 in 1 Set is as embracing as it sounds – it helps to protect you from different symptoms and conditions and builds on your overall health. Whether it is a sense of calm that you need, or to ease that muscle or joint pain that has been bothering you, this set has got you covered!


Please refer to specific products for more information about ingredients used.

Direction Of Use​

Please refer to specific products for more information on the direction of use.

Our Promise
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Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Patch Test prior to first use. Discontinue if irritation occurs. If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.

Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Additional information

Weight0.69 kg
Dimensions17.5 × 8.5 × 20 cm


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