Are you suffering from MASKNE, a new form of acne caused by masks?

Or perhaps, does your mask seem too rough on your skin?

With Kidz Paradize’s Face Masks, you aim to make mask-wearing slightly more bearable! Our face masks are crafted semi-seamlessly to ensure its gentleness on the skin and to reduce friction on the skin.

It is also made of breathable material with 3-dimentional cutting – you no longer have to breathe extra hard, or have your breath fog up your spectacles!

The masks can be used by people of all ages as it is fitted with adjustable silicone stoppers. So you won’t have to worry about wearing a mask that is too fitted or too loose!


Breathable masks to make mask-wearing bearable.

Primary Benefits

Ideal for use during the pandemic

Our Promise
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Ensure mask is used in a proper manner and that it is fitted properly.


Additional information

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions1.6 × 1.6 × 1.3 cm


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