We understand that having a newborn is a life changing event, which is why we aim to try and make the process easier for you!

With the help of the Newborn Set, your baby worries can be eased. Featuring a star-studded line up that includes the Immunity Guard Blend, Relaxation & Bedtime Rub, Love My Skin Rub, Tummy Ease Rub and the Vapour Rub, these blends and rubs will aid in relieving unnecessary illnesses that might hinder your baby’s growth.

The Immunity Guard Blend is included to support the body’s natural antioxidant defense and healthy respiratory function, strengthening your baby’s immunity. The Relaxation & Bedtime Rub is useful for active babies who are hard to put to sleep, and can be used to ease them into their daily naps. The Love My Skin Blend helps to relieve rashes, aiding those with skin issues.

The Tummy Ease Rub helps relieve colic in babies, giving them more comfort. The Vapour Rub is included to alleviate symptoms of the common cough, flu and fever, strengthening your baby’s immune system. With five different products, each with their distinct uses, the Newborn Set is a must have for all parents and babies!

Products Included
  • Immunity Guard Roll-on (10ml)
  • Relaxation & Bedtime Rub (50ml)
  • Love My Skin Rub (50ml)
  • Tummy Ease Rub (50ml)
  • Vapour Rub (50ml)
Primary Benefits
  • To help with cold, cough and respiratory issues
  • To reduce fever
  • To strengthen immune system
  • To relax
  • To sleep
  • To relieve colic
  • To ease stomach discomfort

The Newborn Set includes a combination of balms and blends that ease your baby in areas such as stomachaches, respiration, skin issues, coughs, fevers and flu, while aiding them in relaxation.

Please refer to specific products for more information about ingredients used.
Direction Of Use
Please refer to specific products for more information on the direction of use.
Our Promise
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Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Patch Test prior to first use. Discontinue if irritation occurs. If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.

Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Additional information

Weight0.312 kg
Dimensions17.5 × 8.5 × 20 cm


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