Founder’s Birthday October Promo

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October is a special month! It’s Kidz Paradize’s Founder Birthday!
🎉 Happy Birthday Sis Aneesa! 🎈
What better way to celebrate Sis Aneesa’s Birthday than to share with her beloved customers the two products that made Kidz Paradize into what it is today.
🎉 Founder’s Birthday PROMO @ $39 🎉
(15% Discount!)
– The product that catapulted her into this business
– The first viral product and the all time bestseller up to this day since the start of her business
📚 Sis Aneesa’s Back Story… 📚
In 2015, Sis Aneesa was diagnosed with Mild Stroke due to Chronic Migraine. She was given Anxiety Pills as one of her medication but it caused her to sleep for long hours which made it difficult for her to do her duties as a Mom and Wife.
A friend of hers recommended Essential Oils as a Natural option to support her recovery. She bought many different types of Essential Oils and applied them one by one using Layering method. Alhamdulillah the different oils work well together and were effective for her.
Sis Aneesa started using the Essential Oils on her kids too. However, layering the different oils and carrier oil was a tedious process.
And that was when she came up with Kidz Paradize’s first product…
A balm that has been premixed with many specially chosen Essential Oils and Carrier Oils. She can now apply Essential Oils on her 4 kids conveniently from the All-in-one tub.
When she uploaded Vapour Rub on her existing Facebook Shop, a LOT of people were interested and orders started to pile up.
In 2016, sis Aneesa had a second migraine attack which lead to numbness on the left. Alhamdulillah she already knew the Essential Oils to use to help her in her recovery process. It was then that she decided to package and sell these oils premixed with Carrier Oil and named it…
❤Rub Away Pain Blend!❤
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